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Whatever type of venue you are there is a place for you on Pinplore.


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You are entitled to list 5 group buying style deals (like found on other deal sites) every 12 months free of charge, just as part of your subscription. When we say free of charge we mean it. We do not take any money from your deals. You keep 100% of the profits made from your deal, we take no %. We do not hold back your money and keep you waiting for a cheque from us. Customers will claim a deal from The Glasgow Hub and pay at the venue. The deal is limited to the number of deals you specify. The duration of your deal is decided by you and can last up to 10 days.

Deals newsletters will be sent out to subscribers to receive the latest deals on offer at The Glasgow Hub. Exceptional Deals may even receive their very own newsletter!

Once a deal has been claimed by a customer they will receive conformation of claiming the deal. The customers deal voucher will be sent as soon as the deal has been claimed. 




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